Author: Jilligan
•1:36 PM
I hate birds of all kinds, ducks, birds, peacocks, etc. I am scared of them. My kids think it is so funny to go to the zoo to watch me run from the stupid birds. Ducks chase me if we go to the pond. You get the picture. There is no love in this relationship, simply hate. Last night my middle son played a baseball game and the field was next to the zoo. All night we could hear the birds calling to each other or secretly plotting how they were going to escape to come get me. My son kept saying they were calling my name. My sister kept telling me one was behind me. See how they taunt me about it.

Anyway, today on my run, I heard a bird, probably a hawk, calling out. I didn't think much of it except that it sounded like it was saying my name. I even turned around to see if someone was calling me. I didn't see it or anything else so I kept going. As soon as I turned around to start running again, the bird swooped down and tried to rip some hair right out of my head. Of course I screamed and then very stupidly reached down to pick up some black ash from the trail, HOT! I threw it at the bird, screamed a little to get the fear out of my system and the burning sensation out of my hand. I took off my sun glasses to look at the damage. Of course the hair on the top of my head was poofed out of my pony tail from where the bird tried to snatch it. As painful as it was, I am thankful it didn't go to the bathroom on me. Wish I would have had my phone to take a picture.

Stupid birds. See why I hate you.
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