Author: Jilligan
•7:15 AM

Racing two weekends in a row is not always smart but when a race pops up close to where we live, we have to take advantage of it. Close still means an hour away so we were up early this morning. "Sunshine", DH, and myself were the only ones running. "Train" was going to watch the youngest and was just going to come with us in case there were any cute girls to look at. However, when I went in his room at 5:00, his teenage mind had sleep on it not girls.

I was hoping this would be a family thing like it used to be. I mean we get up early and stay up late for the kids stuff all the time. I am a little hurt that the other two kids didn't want to come. But oh well.

Sunshine will try to run with DH and then can drop back with me if he needs to. We did an easy 2 last night and he was fine. Race is close to a golf course so should have nice rolling hills! Not looking for anything but a place to run this morning.

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