Author: Jilligan
•6:36 PM

I really should have been born rich. I love having some time off to spend with my kids at the pool. Thankfully the pool was open late today and two of the kids were able to go with me. The water was still very cold this early in the summer but the kids didn't mind. Thankfully they are old enough to keep each other or themselves entertained. I tanned and slept. Then I had a conversation with an adult outside of my work relationships. Truly a great afternoon.

Debating about a 5k tomorrow. Everyone wants to run but the youngest isn't quite ready for a real 3 miles. That means someone has to sit out of the race to stay with her. Lots of hills and she weighs too much to even think about the jogging stroller. So we will see how it plays out in the morning.

Storms came in last night and my middle son, "Sunshine" wanted to run with me in the rain. That's all well and good but it was raining sideways and the lightning was terrible. He opted for p90x and I waited 30 minutes. I got two miles in the rain but the lightning came back and was too close for comfort for anymore distance.

Thankful for the rain, the time with my family, and the ability to exercise. Enjoy the weekend!

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