Author: Jilligan
•11:15 PM

Lots of thunder and lightening with a chance of rain. I think it hasn't rained since October. We made it through the entire baseball game tonight counting the seconds between lightening and thunder. We kept our eye to the sky and the lightening radar. A few sprinkles came and the kids in the bleachers jumped down to try and catch them on their tongues. The whole scene reminded me of something my grandad would say. He always thought it was funny to say something about there being kids that had never seen rain since the day they were born. I always thought it was funny because taken literally it would mean it had rained every day a kid was born so that would be lots of rain. However, like tonight's storm, he meant it was so long since it had rained there are probably kids who have never seen rain.

My husband just got called out because lightening hit a power line. Hopefully we will actually see some moisture out of this and not just trouble. Either way, I pray everyone is safe and sound tonight in this weather.

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