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My days are confused but I think I can get this straight. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling sick, thinking it was from some smart balance mayo that had gone bad and the chili I added to my hot dog. I was thinking the diet was punishing me for stepping outside of the boundaries! Ha! So I got up to see what I could take and what part of my workout I could get done. I found some pepto and got on the treadmill. There was no way 2.5 miles was going to take place. I got my MED in and then went and crawled back in bed. Remember I run at 4:30 so this hadn't interrupted much of my morning yet. I woke DH up to tell him he was on his own getting the kids ready for school. I had a noon meeting and thought I might make it to work by then. At 8:15, I got a call from the school saying my daughter was sick so I got up and got dressed. DH came home to help with her. At 2:30, we got a call that our son was sick. Turns our both the kids were fine. May have had a slight touch of the same bug but didn't hit them as hard. Both were never sick again after getting home. As a matter of fact, my son played his baseball game last night. Just glad they didn't get as sick from it. Hard to have sick kids when mom is so sick.

Today's lunch at the hospital wasn't much better then breakfast. For those of you that don't know, I am not a food mixer. I want most things separate. I can handle certain things mixed like enchiladas, or lasagna but for the most part I want it separate. So anyway, the nurse comes in and says if I can keep my lunch down they will let me go home. Guess what it was, turkey pot pie. Now this gags me under normal circumstances but with a weak stomach, please. Luckily my DH likes, maybe even loves, this type of food. So he ate it for me. How do they expect you to keep something down that looks like what you have been throwing up for the last day?

Another nurse came in and saw how close my iv bag was to being finished so she slowed it down so they wouldn't start another one. Finally, the main nurse came in and said if I could tolerate my headache at home, they would let me go. They gave me one more dose of the stomach medicine, took my iv out, and sent me home.

I was dumb enough to get on the scale when I got home and that iv cost me 5 pounds. Nothing to eat for two days and I gain 5 pounds. Ugh.

I had a window of strength this evening and everyone that might stop me was out of the house so I got on the treadmill and walked my mile. It was slow. It took me forever but wouldn't you have rather me streaked tonight on my treadmill then this morning in my hospital gown?
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On May 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM , sandra said...

You're so funny! Hope you're feeling really good by now!