Author: Jilligan
•8:53 AM

My dress is a size 6. I know all sizes are different. But I never remember wearing a size 6. My grandma made most of my dresses. Even my prom dresses were hand me downs or used dresses that she would remake into something wonderful.

I do have a pair of pants from my bfl days that are a size 8. Wonder where those are? I know I saved them.

Anyway, it really isn't about a size. And it really isn't about a weight anymore. It's about my feelings-mental, physical, and emotional. I am not where I want to be with any of those but I am still working, making progress. That's the focus now-progress not perfection.

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On May 23, 2011 at 6:27 AM , sandra said...

Always looking for the "like" button when I read your blog!