Author: Jilligan
•6:54 PM
Got my call back for the 2nd round of interviews. Was going to have to juggle the times with some work commitments but thought I could make it work until the lady told me it was an all day interview. What? Yep, from 9 to 5 unless I could make it for breakfast and then they could start at 7:30. What in the world kind of interview is this? And for less then a teacher makes and for more hours? Are they serious? Well, I was supposed to get some more information about the interview over the weekend. Never heard anything. I was going to call and cancel the interview but hadn't gotten around to it. Today I got a call that some kind of unforeseen circumstances were causing them to cancel the interviews. Okay, no other explanation but that. They will get back to me. Weird, but okay. At least I wasn't the one backing out, not yet anyway.
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