Author: Jilligan
•6:41 AM

Well I did a little something Monday and then drug myself thru a mile on the treadmill Tuesday, an easy mile on Wednesday, rode my bike with my daughter on Thursday, and walked yesterday. So it made perfect sense, NOT, for me to jump up this morning and put in my long run of 5 miles. It was ugly. It was slow. I went to 2/1 intervals. I burned 800 calories according to all my monitors. I think that's more then I have eaten all week! 

Of course I am being over dramatic about it but it probably wasn't the smartest thing I have done. However, I have comfort in the fact that it wasn't the dumbest either! 

Update on "Rocky": he made it thru the day at school with minor teasing which he expected. He says he didn't have anymore trouble with one of the boys but the other one still wants to fight. I told him the police would become involved if this continued. He says he is fine. He is worried about it and dissappointed in himself but he still says he had to protect himself. His face will heal. I just hope he finds out who his real friends are when this is all said and done. I hope he isn't dissappointed by that discovery.

My weekend is free now that my run is done so I am taking him to see his girlfriend(long distance relationship) and then going to spend some girl time with my daughter for mother's day. Enjoy your weekend.

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On May 9, 2011 at 10:25 AM , Jodie said...

Even though we all know you didn't need to and probably shouldn't have....good job on getting your 5 done.
Hopefullly this week will treat you better, can't believe 6 is on the calendar already.
Hope you and K had fun on Saturday!