Author: Jilligan
•5:52 AM

Perfect morning
Perfect weather
Perfect 3
Perfect feelings
Perfect legs
Perfect lungs

Another 3 down with no walking breaks. Runs this week have been limited because I have been so tired. However, this morning when my alarm was going off and my body or maybe my mind was saying how tired I was, I just decided to get up and run. The extra sleep I have be taking in the mornings instead of the run, opting for an evening run instead, have not been helping with my tiredness. So let's go back to exercising and see if that doesn't give me the energy I need. I can go back to getting in bed as soon as possible at night and it will all work out.

Yesterday I went back to adding some carbs into the diet in a test mode. Probably not a good idea for the first carb to be pie crust, not the filling, just the crust. My son wanted to eat out after his game and there was a self serv cobbler bar with a fresh cobbler. Perfect chance for the crust lover in me to get a piece of the top crust. It was good. Not grandma/mom cobbler good but pretty good after such a long hiatus. I stayed within my range this morning and that's what its all about right now. I had wanted to be down 80 at this point but 79 is pretty darn close. I will work on letting my body adjust to this new set point and start plugging away at the next 20 in June.

Hope you have perfect weather for a perfect run to start your day (notice I didn't say perfect day, too much pressure).

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On May 20, 2011 at 12:00 PM , Jo Lynn said...

Kudos to you girl. You want to lose a total of 100 pounds? I can't even imagine what that is like. You have such drive and courage to take on something like that. I think I have a lot of nerve whining about 2 or 3 pounds here and there that I wish I could drop. Someone should slap me. I'm serious. You are awesome!!