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•3:58 AM

Today's weigh in should have been a great one. Not because of precise calorie counting or a last chance biggest loser type workout but because I had been throwing up the last 24 hours. I had become so weak and was throwing up so often I spent most of yesterday on the bathroom floor trying to save my strength for the next round. I missed my son's ballgame.

Finally I decided I was close enough to death to at least go to the er. I had been through all the phenagren I had and was getting no relief. Once my husband got home, I thought I wasn't too bad and might wait it out but when he had to lift me out of the bathtub he told me we were going regardless of how "good" I said I was feeling.

The er staff ran some tests and stabbed around trying to find a vein to start an iv. After an hour of trying to sleep on the exam table, they admitted me. Seems my white blood cell count is alarmingly high. DH got me settled and went home to stay with the kids just in case any of them started getting the stuff. A nurse was supposed to be in around 12:30 to talk to me about the course of treatment and what they thought was wrong. I haven't seen that nurse yet. Sure the CNA has been in to check my vitals every hour and someone came when I called to tell them my iv bag was empty.

I am on my third bag of iv fluid and this is why I say the weigh in will be bogus. The hospital band that was loose 3 hours ago is digging into my arm. Ha,ha the nurse said.

Well I am an above the arm sleeper. I never dreamed they would keep me over night and my iv is in my hand that I like to but above my head and under my pillow. Sleep is not coming. Also, there are strange noises that keep waking me up. Unfamiliar sounds that startle me awake. I have nearly jumped out of bed twice from them.

Not sure how my weight/diet and my running will suffer as a result of this "stomach bug". I really hope no one else in my family gets it. I hope one night of iv fluids is all I need from the hospital. I hope you and your family have managed to avoid this illness. Being sick to your stomach is the pits but as my Grandma would always say, "Could be worse". Oh I forgot to mention the nurse or whatever she was couldn't read the scale so she announced my weight outloud to everyone in hearing range as 10 pounds heavier then what it was. I knew I was sick then cause I didn't even have the energy to punch her.

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On May 3, 2011 at 8:53 AM , Mel said...

Feel better soon!