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•7:14 AM
Another good thing about running with Kallie last weekend was that I improved my time today by 14 minutes. That pretty good considering it was just a three mile run! Ha, of course, I didn't get to stop this time to take pictures by the library or buy water at the store or scratch the pigs back. Today it was just me, the dreadmill, and my music. After my son's track meet last night, I was having a little ear pain so I didn't want to get back in the cold this morning.

Another good thing about running on the dreadmill is the bathroom because a bathroom break was in order about half way in.

Another good thing about running in the house is that I had to be everyone's alarm clock this morning. We have basketball x3 and baseball x2, basketball pictures plus pigs to feed and a haircut. Think we have a free minute around 11:30 tonight.

Another good thing about running is the amount of calories I just burned. I know my dreadmill might exaggerate at times about my calorie burn but I sure did like what he had to say this morning.

Another good thing about running are the sights you see. This morning I watched the sun rise through my back window. I watched the dogs play keep away with an old soccer ball. I tapped on the window and then watched as they stared at me trying to figure out how I was running towards them but never getting any closer.

Another good thing about running in the morning is that I can have my first cup off coffee all by myself while I reflect on how good finishing my workout for the day feels.

Another good thing about running is the ability to run. The other night after I posted, one of my best friends and her mom were in a car wreck. Her mom is older and has Alzheimer's. Her leg and ankle were broken. Her lung collapsed before they could do surgery. After finally getting to the surgery last night they found other breaks that hadn't shown up on the first xray. So this morning I am thankful for the ability to run.

Another good thing about running is that somewhere, someday, I may see you on the road.
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On February 26, 2011 at 8:53 AM , sandra said...

Plenty of good things! Loved this post!!!