Author: Jilligan
•7:55 PM
Two times in one day, what? Lots of thoughts going on in my head so that requires two bouts of cardio and two entries on the blog.

Earlier, my DS and I went on our "streak" and I had decided we would go exploring while we walked. We dropped my other son off at the pig pens so he could exercise his pig then we parked the car and went from there. There is a grain elevator near the ag farm so we started at one end and walked around it, over some old railroad tracks and beside some old barns. It was cold enough we didn't have to worry about snakes. A small rabbit jumped out once and scared us but that's about all we saw. We did find some old railroad stakes, lots of bolts, some cool rocks, and some strange screws. We talked and skipped rocks and before long we had our two miles in. My other son called to tell us he was finished about the time we started to head back towards him so it worked out perfectly.

I had made some chili this afternoon for us to have this evening. My DH had bought an industrial size can of tomato sauce so the crock pot was full and still seems that way. It hit the spot and was very fulling but once again I wasn't satisfied.

That's where the 2nd round of cardio came in. I really wanted something sweet. Instead I grabbed my jacket, gloves, and hat then headed out the door. I walked and I walked and I walked. I texted Jo about my cravings just to make someone else aware of what I was thinking of doing. She helped me through it and I just walked it out. I got back home and made some coffee. I added my SF caramel so I satisfied my sweet craving without the calories. I also got some extra time by myself and some extra exercise.

That's where the 2nd blog post comes in. I avoided my food cravings. I satisfied my need with something healthy. I just wanted to share.
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On February 5, 2011 at 10:55 PM , Jo Lynn said...

Great job girl! That's the way to do it. ;)