Author: Jilligan
•12:33 PM
Stressful things usually lead to stress eating. Work has been crazy and stressful but I have done well to control my eating. I have stuck to my plan and dealt with things head on instead of trying to self medicate with food.

I had my evaluation at work last night. We didn't go into closed session until 11:00. I was done shortly after midnight and then had to drive home. As tired as I was, I had to decompress a little before getting into bed. Thank goodness DH had waited up for me so I didn't have to go it alone. I have some ideas about somethings that I want to happen. We will see how that all goes.

Being the worrier that I am, another blog struck a chord with me this week. I can't remember who wrote it and don't have time to search it out but wanted to share the basic idea. I am terrible about "what ifs" that probably will never happen. I do this constantly though out the day. You know, "What if I can't lose anymore weight?" or "What if I can't stop from eating the cookies?" or "What if my DH suddenly decides he is tired of me?" or "What if they fire me?", etc. Nothing positive and no reason for the questions. I just get started on something and can't shut my mind up. Anyway, back to the blog, the writer had said that when she started to do the "what ifs" then she would answer with a "what then" For example, "What if I eat the cookie, what then?" I have been trying it and it does eventually calm me some. Try it and see if it helps you.

As for now, my lunch is almost over and I have to watch a webinar that quite possible could cause me to fall asleep considering I am functioning on little to no sleep. I hope I am not drooling when the camera pans the room.
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