Author: Jilligan
•9:30 AM
I heart my scale this morning. We are BFFs. Even after yesterday's two meals out, not enough water, one nutter butter, cheese, and a few pretzels, I was still down this morning. Whew, close one! I am still behind a day of running this week and need to get 2 miles in today. We are in a blowing dirt advisory with promised gusts of 65 mph so I won't be going outside. Date with the dreadmill for later tonight looks promising.

My sister is in town so we had great family time yesterday. We started at 8:45 with basketball pictures. Then my daughter had her first basketball game. Hilarious. Then back home for lunch with the family and on to a double header of baseball. Back to the gym that afternoon for two more games of basketball. It was an eventful day. Kallie's first game and she did great. Trevor's first varsity baseball games and he actually got to pitch. TJ's team killed their opponents in basketball. One game was 48 to 2 and our kids tried not to score the whole 2nd half because they felt so sorry for the other team. Then we came back home for another family meal. We were lucky to have played one of my old high school friend's son yesterday so their whole family went also. We had to have 4 table to seat everyone and ended up with 27 for dinner. The kids (and the adults) were so excited to spend the extra time together and there was lots of laughter from every table.

I feel so blessed to have days like yesterday. I got up early and did something for myself. I am blessed with three wonderful kids who work hard at everything they do. I am thankful to have family that wants to spend time together. And I am lucky to have friends surrounding us as well.

About to head out for another day of family. Church, lunch, and a nice afternoon with people I care about. Hope you have a great day also.
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