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Tonight I sold my grandma's car. I bought it after she passed away. I have put 60,000 miles on it in the years that I have had it. Double what she had put on it the whole time she had it. It was a 1992 Buick Park Avenue. I think she got it the year I was a senior. The kids fondly referred to it as the "Granny Panny" It needed shocks and paint. It needed an oil change and a tune up. We had replaced the battery twice because it had a cooling fan that would run at times when it didn't need to and run the battery down. It had a cassette deck. The a/c buttons were worn down because she would use her fingernail to change the temperature. Every once in awhile, you could still smell her when you got in the car. It was one of those cars with plenty of leg room in the back seat.

As my grandad struggled with Alzheimer's he must have had an obsession with cigarette lighters because there were 6 in the ash tray. There was also Pepto Bismol in the glove box and a fuzzy gloved window scraper.

I was lucky to get it after she passed away because my car was in the shop (a vw bug that was in the shop more then out). Things had started happening that made me decide to sell. The most recent and the funniest was during the last snow storm. I had been telling my husband that cold air was blowing on me from somewhere every time I drove. Of course, he couldn't ever feel it. One morning there was a little snow left on the window and hood. A semi was coming towards me on the road. As he passed me, snow literally flew in my face. It was like on tv where someone gets splashed while standing on the curb. At first I didn't believe it and thought I was imagining it. Then it happened again. Of course my husband's concern extended into a laughing fit.

The other funny thing that happened was a while back when we were going to my son's basketball game. We pulled up to park, turned the key off, got out of the car only to discover it was still running. Yes, keys were in my hand and I was standing outside of the car. My husband had to show me how to use a tool under the hood to turn it off.

The price was right on the car when we bought it and repairs have been humorous and minimal. Forgot to mention the trip to OKC. It served it purpose both to my grandma and to me. Now it will serve it's purpose to another family. My son is excited because this means his pickup will have to get fixed. My middle son is excited because the "granny panny" will no longer be a part of his drop off/pick up routine at jr high. My daughter was crying because she misses her grandma so much. (She is very sentimental. A song at church last week made her cry because it reminded her of her dog.)

Good bye Park Avenue. Hello ______?
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On February 21, 2011 at 12:11 AM , Jo Lynn said...

I worked for the Buick Motor Division of GM for a few years. Yes, the Park Avenue is a LARGE car. ;)