Author: Jilligan
•9:07 AM
I got up early this morning because one of my kids was going to spend the day with his Grammy. We decided to meet half way early this morning so they could go watch two cousins play in a basketball tournament. I had made the same drive the night before because my daughter was going to spend the weekend with another cousin. I had made a pot of coffee before I left knowing it would be waiting for me when I got back. My oldest son had spent the night with a friend and my husband had asked (read begged) me to let him sleep late. I thought to myself this was the perfect time to catch up on blog reading, drink a little coffee, write a little blog but mainly have some silence. That is after I yelled at the dogs to stop barking at the birds who also need to SHUT UP.

Then I got the text, DD is throwing up and what can they give her. Literally, I had just sat down at the computer after taking my son half way to where my daughter was. As a mother, I knew I should get back in the car and go get her. As a selfish person, I thought please just let it be drainage and something she can get over with one dose of a miracle medicine. My dear sweet cousin texted back and said DD thought she would be okay. Fingers crossed, breath held, prayers sent, whatever it takes for her to be okay and me to have my moment(s) of silence (with barking) today. I haven't heard back in a few minutes so I am taking that as a good sign but maybe I better go fill up the gas tank just in case I am burning up the roads between here and New Mexico later today.

I do really appreciate that all the kids are able to spend some time with their friends this weekend and that I am able to spend some time with myself. Oh, and with my husband if he ever gets out of bed.
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