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•9:29 AM

Yesterday's long run was only 3 miles but it was so much more then that. My DD has been begging to go to the library. I casually mentioned that it was only a mile away from the house. Fast forward to yesterday morning when I had planned on sleeping in a little. 7:07 brings a knock on the bedroom door and it"s DD with a great idea. We can run to the library and get her books. She is going to get dressed and for me to hurry up. I wasn't sure if the library was open on Saturday but I was pretty sure it wasn't open at 7 in the morning!

We stalled until 8. Not knowing how she would do running I wasn't sure how long the first mile would take. She is a very, umm, distracted runner. She sees and wants to talk about EVERYTHING. I gave her an old watch to wear, put our road ids on and she wore a spibelt with the phone. We also had to take a backpack for the books. And off we went.

We ran by the new pool, the old tennis courts, the pond, up our first hill, by the elementary school and made it to the library. It was closed on Saturday. There went her interest in the running. We were a mile from home and two miles from finishing.

The boys were working on the pig pens at the ag farm so I convinced her to head that direction and she could go with her dad. She had taken some money so we ran through a store for a bathroom break and water. Then headed to the pig pens. The 2nd mile was by far the slowest. But we finally made it to the boys. We talked to them a little. I had another mile to go and was anxious to get started again. She decided to finish the 3 miles with me.

We left the ag farm, crossed the railroad tracks and the highway, behind the grocery store and it was at this point she thought a detour through mcdonalds would be good. NOT happening. We went back to the park trail to finish and got our 3 in a block from the house. Pretty good planning for the distance. It took us awhile but we accomplished a lot.

She is a character. About 5 minutes in, she stops and shouts, "Wait, not only are we doing something good for ourselves we are doing something good for the planet." Later she tells me not to worry about how much faster the cars are going then us because eventually we all get where we are going. I was talking to her about running against or with traffic, intersections, and single file running. She says, "You sure can learn a lot while you are running. Just so many lessons."

My cousin once said she didn't believe kids would say things this. But this girl, she's a talker.

I had a little wardrobe malfunction. My running skirt wouldn't stay up. I had to hold it up the whole time. She was hoping I didn't embarass her by letting my skirt fall down in the middle of the road in front of the whole town. Me too, Kallie. Me too.

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On February 21, 2011 at 12:18 AM , Jo Lynn said...

That is the *best* kind of wardrobe malfunction in the world. Excellent! ;)