Author: Jilligan
•10:03 PM

Is it possible to have a "cold" storm? Cause that's what we got. Not much snow but lots of cold. Wind chill is -20 right now. We aren't used to that here.

When we went to break the ice for the horses we noticed one was standing funny. I had thankfully taken a hat and gloves but nothing for my face. We had to walk about 1/2 a mile to try to catch the horse and check out his leg. Hopefully it is just snowpacked and causing him to limp on it. After we checked him out we had to hike back to the pickup. It was too long to be outside with nothing on my face. Except for my workout, I haven't gotten out from under the blanket and heating pad.

Aside from the weather, work has been stressful this week also. I have really tried not to let other people's action and reactions bother me but it's kind of hard. I am especially trying not to eat my way through my stress.

Thankfully I have workshops the next two days and delays because of the weather so a few days away may help me remove myself even further.

MED 2011 is going great. I am really feeling great. Today I wore jeans that had just been given to me and they were big enough I could wear my running pants underneath. Keep working everyone. Goals were meant to be reached.

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