Author: Jilligan
•5:42 PM

Somehow three weeks of my daughter's basketball season has passed and I haven't had to watch a practice yet. Today I wasn't so lucky. Having taught elementary physical education for years is not helping me sit through this without feeling tortured. Some might say I should get up and help instead of just being a tortured bystander but I didn't sign up for that.

Another problem with the whole idea is genetic. It is at times a terrible thing to think or feel like you are better at things then other people. This, however, is the nature of our family. We are supposed to be smarter, more talented, more athletic and just overall superior. I can't stand this feeling and it gets in the way a lot. Sometimes more then others like when dealing with someone who was missing the day brains were handed out. I just can't stand stupidity. I am working on it but I can't hardly take more then a few minutes. I am in overload right now. Complete and total stupidity overload and it has a screechy voice on top of that.

So to keep me from physically hurting someone I will attend as few practices as possible. When made to attend I will occupy myself with other things.  I can do anything for an hour and only because my daughter loves it so much. I will not think about the hour I am wasting. I will not think about the important things I could be doing, like my workout. Ugh. 18 more minutes to go.

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